About the Program in Southern Studies

Are you looking for new ways to interpret the South and contribute to its well-being? Minor in Southern Studies to go beyond stereotypes about the region and attain a deeper understanding of its history and culture.

You’ll explore some of the ways the South has been critiqued and celebrated. You’ll become accustomed to analyzing complex and interconnected issues. You’ll get used to contemplating hard questions about sometimes painful topics.

  • Explore the South’s cultural diversity
  • View Southern culture and history from multiple perspectives
  • Find common ground between Southerners from different communities & eras
  • Choose courses from across campus that fit your interests
  • Strengthen your skills in critical thinking and interdisciplinary research.

The knowledge and intellectual agility you develop can enhance a career in teaching, law, writing, public or community service, the arts, health professions, and business. A Southern Studies minor is also a great asset to students who do graduate work investigating some aspect of the South.