Course Offerings

Fall 2020 Course Offerings Count for the Southern Studies Minor

GEH = Counts for Gen Ed Humanities Credit


HONS 172 Introduction to Southern Studies MW 3:25-4:40 Prof Scott Peeples (GEH)

Equivalent to SOST 200, open only to Honors College Students: [If there is space available, non-Honors College Students may apply for permission to register. Please email if interested.]

Go beyond stereotypes in this interdisciplinary overview of the region’s diverse history & culture: music, foodways, history, architecture, pop culture, literature, religion, sports, politics . . . Course includes experiential learning & research on topic of each student’s choice.


African American Studies

AAST 270 Folklore of the African Diaspora MWF 12-12:50 Prof Kameelah Martin


Music & Jazz History

MUSC 222.04 All That Jazz: A Guided Tour of America’s Music ONLINE Prof. Yiorgos Vassilandonakis (GEH)

MUSC 365 01 Gospel Choir  Prof. Brenten Weeks


Religious Studies

SOST 175 Religion, Art and Culture: Searching for the Sacred in Southern Art, Food, and Music (GEH)

2 sections. MW 4-5:15 OR TTh 1:40-2:55 Prof. Zeff Bjerken

HONS 175 Approaches to Religion [Caribbean emphasis] TR 1:40-2:55 Prof. Leonard Lowe


Art History & Historic Preservation

ARTH 338 American Vernacular Architecture & Material Culture 9-950 MWF Prof. Grant Gilmore

ARTH 339 History of American Interiors MW 3:25-4:40 Prof. William Bates

HPCP 299 Preservation Planning Studio Th 2-5 PM Prof. James Ward


Natural Science and Food Production

GEOL 257 Marine Geology 10:50-12:05 TTh; Lab W 2-5 Prof. Leslie Sautter

ENVT 452 ST: Sustainable Food Systems 10:50-12:05 Prof. Ashley Lavender



HIST 216 African American History to 1865 MWF 10-10:50 Prof. Shannon Eaves (GEH)

HIST 310 ST: The American Indians of the Southeast to Removal TR 1:40-2:55 Prof. Christophe Boucher (GEH)

HIST 323 Society and Culture of Early Charleston T 5:30-8:15 Prof. Robert Stockton (GEH)

HIST 210/JWST 300 ST: African Americans & Jews in U. S. History, MW 2-3:15, Prof. Ashley Walters (GEH)



EDFS 201 Foundations of Education [multiple sections] (GEH)


Charleston, Past & Present

HPCP 285 Drawing Charleston Th 2-5 PM Prof. Ralph Muldrow

GEOG 219 Reading the Lowcountry Landscape ONLINE Prof. Annette Watson (If full, Southern Studies minors should contact Dr. Watson to arrange permission to register)

FYSE 115 The Wonderful World of Real Estate According to King Street 2-3:15 Prof. Elaine Worzala

FYSE 131 Presidential Elections. Made. Here. 250th MWF 9-9:50 Prof. Jordan Ragusa

Course Offerings (Summer 2019)

Course Offerings (Fall 2019)

         Additional Special Topics Courses May Be Added As More Information Becomes Available.

Certain Independent Studies and Tutorials May Be Eligible Depending on Their Content

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